Health Governance


GSI has a strong project management capacity for managing both long-term and short-term projects. Our project management strength lies in our thorough knowledge of the local setting as well as the development policies, processes and procedures of the major funding agencies operating in Uganda and other African countries. GSI also carries out program/project reviews (mid-term/final evaluations) and social economic studies and surveys across technical areas ofGovernance and Public Administration, Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Renewable energy, Water and Sanitation, Environment and Natural Resources, Health, Urban Development, Trade and Private Sector Development. GSI reviews all stages of program implementation, documenting best practices and lessons learned and formulating recommendations for improvement and future programming.

GSI also carries out Development Research aimed at producing knowledge that can help solve problems related to technical areas such as governance, health, energy, natural resources and the economy. Through our research we explore and develop valuable ideas. Development research describes and interprets dimensions of development, helps understand obstacles to development and finds solutions to those obstacles.

Past and ongoing Projects

Projects that demonstrate our Consultants’ experience: