GSI believes that health governance concerns the interactions among the citizens, health service providers and government. When these interactions function well, they lead to outcomes that improve access and utilization of health services. A variety of problems that confront health systems especially in Uganda and many other African countries relate to governance.

Some of these problems include; corruption in financial management practices; lack of capacity of civil society and elected officials to hold health sector actors accountable and failures of central and local governments to engage stakeholders in health decision-making and priority setting.

GSI works to improve the availability and accessibility of health services in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, tuberculosis, maternal and child health, reproductive health and family planning programs. GSI designs and implements intervention that improves the policy process, strengthens accountability, transparency, and reduces corruption and increase citizen participation in the health sector. GSI supports interventions that involve the community in decisions about health activities through joint planning, implementation and monitoring of health services with community structures.

GSI also provides training and technical assistance to local governments in integrating health sector investment plans into their development strategies and budgets and to manage funds in accordance with country health priorities as well as adhering to general accounting principles and complying with financial reporting requirements.

Past and ongoing Projects

Projects that demonstrate our Consultants’ experience: