Partnering with leading organizations in forestry and Natural Resources Management (NRM), has provided GSI with a great opportunity to bring stakeholders together to develop, implement, and evaluate policies and practices that improve natural resource management. Our emphasis is on developing socially equitable economic incentives to help communities and enterprises flourish while ensuring sustainable natural resource use and the biodiversity conservation. Working with international consulting partners, GSI is uniquely positioned to make a difference by contributing ideas and insights that can help generate practical solutions to challenges of environment and natural resources that affect many African countries. GSI works in providing integrated forest management and services related to the United Nations Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in African Countries Program (REDD+) services.

GSI’s interventions in NRM will aim to improve the management of vital renewable natural resources focusing on forestry, sustainable land management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. GSI work spans the realm of technical, governance, and cultural challenges facing REDD+ implementation, including social and environmental safeguards; sustainable carbon financing and payment for environmental services; multi-sectoral and low emission strategy development; and monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon stocks.

Past and ongoing Projects

Projects that demonstrate our Consultants’ experience: