Food Security Beans


Sustainable agricultural development is a strong factor in stimulating growth, reducing poverty, and enhancing food security. Enhancing agricultural productivity is also vital for spurring growth in other parts of the economy. GSI experts implement national poverty reduction and food security strategies at the local level. GSI Experts foster participatory planning, community development, administrative decentralization and democratic institution building. GSI also also promote producer groups, associations and cooperatives by facilitating production clusters and local value chains and connecting these to international supply links.

Similarly, GSI experts assist public and private service providers and small enterprises in rural areas by facilitating small-scale credit programs or linking farmers to microfinance institutions.

GSI provides consulting services in the field of Agricultural policy; Agribusiness development and food marketing; Agricultural production and marketing; Extension services; Community development; rural small and micro business development and Food security. With regards to promoting efficient agricultural services, GSI focuses on developing and strengthening food and non-food value chains in agribusiness. Farmers still face enormous hurdles in gaining access to markets and inputs.

GSI regards creating an enabling environment the most promising option to boost agricultural productivity. This can be achieved by linking farmers to markets more effectively through targeted investments in market places, rural roads, market information, and increasing access to finance.