How does Governance Systems International work?

At Governance Systems International, we identify client’ needs and monitor their perception of our performance in meeting those needs. We believe that the success of GSI is highly dependent on our collaborative arrangements and partnerships with other organizations and individuals with similar aims and objectives both locally and internationally. We are establishing long-term business relationship with our local and international clients throughout the sub Saharan Africa. GSI also collaborates and partners with local and international development organizations as a prime or sub-contractor on major consultancy assignments in Uganda and other African countries. In this regard, GSI builds strategic Alliances and developing partnerships and collaborative arrangements with local and international development firms and organizations for possible opportunities of teaming up on large and specialized consultancy assignments so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions to our local and international clients in the countries we work. We know that local and international partners bring the different perspectives that facilitate effective development work. We partner with local and international development organizations and national governments in the countries where we work to benefit from their local and international technical expertise and experience.

GSI also participates in proposal development for donor procurements with international development organizations by providing local content, business intelligence and technical expertise in program design and implementation.