Recognized as one of the leading consulting firms working to improve the living condition and quality of life of the people on the African continent.


To tackle Africa’s governance and development challenges through training, technical assistance and development research.


Professionalism, excellence, integrity, innovation & creativity, team work,Result Oriented and Partnership & collaboration to serve as the guiding principles and values in all our company operations.


Governance Systems International (GSI) is amulti-disciplinary consulting firm providing technical expertise to National/Sub national Governments, Private Sector Companies and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) across the African continent.

GSI was formed to respond to the current capacity gaps in provision of consulting services in governance and development work in many African countries. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals work as a network of renowned experts in areas of Governance and Public Administration; Health; Agriculture and Food Security; Water Supply and sanitation; Environment and Natural Resources; Urban planning and Development; Renewable Energy and Efficiency, Trade and Enterprise Development; Logistics and Event Management including Project Evaluations & Development Research across sectors. We have a passion for our work and confident in our ability to serve our local and international clients with excellence and innovation.


Evaluations and Development Research

GSI has a strong project management capacity for managing both long-term and short-term projects. Our core managerial strength lies in our thorough knowledge of the local setting as well as the development policies

Decentralization and Local Governance

Governance Systems International believes that increasing citizen participation in decision-making and oversight is critical for holding local leaders accountable and improving service delivery.

Health Governance and Systems Strengthening

GSI believes that health governance concerns the interactions among the citizens, health service providers and government. When these interactions function well, they lead to outcomes that improve access and utilization of health services.

Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture has become an increasingly important issue on the international agenda as donors attempt to find ways to contribute to poverty eradication and to promote economic growth

Water Supply and Sanitation

Millions of people especially in urban informal settlements in Africa are still without access to affordable and sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygiene services.

Environment and Natural resources

Partnering with leading organizations in forestry and natural resources management, has provided GSI with a great opportunity to bring stakeholders together to develop, implement,

Urban Planning and Governance

GSI’s experience in urban policy indicates that there is lack of linkage between urban planning and governance in many urban Centre’s in Uganda and other countries in Africa.

Trade and Enterprise Development

Leading development agencies and most governments have come to recognize that the creation of enabling environments and public support to private entrepreneurial activities are vital to economic growth

Does Governance Systems International have  opportunities for internship?

GSI has limited opportunities for internship but with future prospects of
increasing the opportunities depending on the growth of business. For more
information please send an inquiry to the e-mail: info@governancesystemsug.org.

Are you interested in working and partnering with GSI?

GSI is always looking out to build partnerships and expanding our relationship with local and international development firms and organizations so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions to our local and international clients in the countries we work.